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Roche Group - Building for Tomorrow


The Roche Group is an Irish company that operates in many sectors from construction and property investment, hospitality and retail, health and fitness to motor sport and related activities.

In 2008, we moved into our new headquarters in Castlemahon, Co. Limerick, Ireland. A state-of-the-art 23,000 sq. ft. warehouse space with an adjoining office complex, it serves as the central hub of our operations, housing an advanced motor sport service areas and key stock distribution point.

The organisation has come a long way since its origins over 30 years ago. A family run business, it started out as a joinery and filling station run by the parents of the current CEO, Ian Roche. The Roche Group itself came into being in 2005 so as to amalgamate the different businesses in carpentry, construction and retail.

As an organisation, we pay close attention to prevailing market and economic conditions, doing our best to predict what’s coming down the tracks. In 2006, we recognised the Irish construction sector was in for a slow down. In anticipation, we made a series of moves within our organisation to insulate ourselves as best as possible. We also decided it was the time to look at other business sectors and develop interests elsewhere. As a result, the Roche Group continues to perform strongly, and is set to emerge from the current downturn in a better position than most.

The Roche Group provides high quality, cost effective and customer focused solutions. The company encourages a culture of positivity, support and constant improvement among its 120 staff and over 700 contractors. It is this culture coupled with the vision and leadership of its key personnel will ensure that it continues to grow steadily across the globe.

Mission Statement


"Our mission is to be the benchmark and industry leader for all our enterprises, through total commitment to build quality, customer service and cost."