Roche Group - Contracting


Garben Properties, the construction arm of Roche Group, was founded in 1998. While the company has been involved in building for over ten years, the accumulated construction experience of our 3 most senior construction managers totals over 60 years. Since its foundation Garben Properties has been involved in many prestigious developments. These developments were built in both urban and rural areas and all delivered to the same high standard.


The brief of Garben Properties has always been to handle all aspects of a development from design to structural engineering to civil engineering to landscaping to property construction. In the last 10 years many improvements have been made in the industry. Many of these improvements were in the area of building technology. These advances in construction technology have brought many benefits to the industry. Technologies can improve efficiency, durability and quality of finish and we make it our business to be at the cutting edge of construction technology at all times. We  have experience in many different construction technologies including, Insulated Concrete Form(ICF), Timber Frame, Light Steel Frame, Concrete Board, Traditional Block and others.


Because we want to offer our clients the best service possible we can offer a complete turnkey operation. Our design, structural and civil engineering departments can complete the picture in terms of an end to end process. With some of the most renowned architects and engineers anywhere, we can virtually guarantee satisfaction. With these areas of expertise we can work on just about any type of project, from schools to hospitals to roads to bridges, anywhere in the world.


Our service offerings in the contracting area can be complete end to end service, project management, design, engineering or purely construction. We have gathered expertise in all areas of construction so if you need it, we have it.

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