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Roche Group - International


Roche Group Spain was the first international venture for the Roche Group. The process of doing business there began in September 2008, and with one construction project already underway in Barcelona, a second due to commence in early 2010 and several others in tender, our Spanish operation is set to grow and develop in the coming years.


We are also in the process of negotiating contracts to start business in Libya (North Africa). The country is presently a hive of activity. Given its immense natural resources, low cost base, incredible coast line and a strong commitment to develop its tourism, education, infrastructure and healthcare, it’s little wonder that many of the world’s leading construction companies are looking for business there. In a very exciting development, we look forward to starting our first Libyan project in 2010.


Uganda is a country in need of simple and efficient housing. We believe we have the solution and are currently in talks with the Ugandan government, both on the housing front and in relation to infrastructure. Having visited the country earlier this year, we plan to make a second trip before the end of 2009.


We have also recently been approached by an Angolan company through one of our Spanish contacts with a view to becoming the main contractor for a large 5 star hotel development and apartments in the capital, Luanda. The project is currently at the pricing stage but all indications are positive that the Roche Group will be awarded the contract with a start date of mid 2010.


Nigeria is the most recent development in our international roll out. With a visit scheduled to the capital of Abuja for preliminary discussions, we are confident that it will soon result in a significant contract for the Roche Group.

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