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Our rent to buy scheme is an innovative way of buying your dream home in today’s difficult property market.


Many first time buyers face the difficult task of trying to save the initial deposit for a new house, while at the same time, paying rent on where they’re living.


Under our rent to buy scheme, you can move straight into the home of your dreams, and after a specified period, you can buy it at a pre-agreed price.


It’s designed so that you can live in your new home while saving the deposit because a percentage of your rent goes towards the purchase price.


Such schemes are new to Ireland but already well established in the US, UK and some European countries. The Roche Group was among the first to introduce one here.


It’s really simple and works as follows:

Step One – The House

Decide which one of our developments or houses interests you most. We can help by giving you a guided tour and answering any questions you may have.


Step Two – The Agreement

The rent to buy scheme operates through a lease option agreement whereby you agree to rent the property for a specified period with an option to purchase at a pre-agreed price. A small deposit of €XXX is all you need to go ahead once the agreement is in place.


Step Three – The Purchase

At the agreed purchase date, you have the option of proceeding with the purchase of the house at the agreed price. The initial deposit and a portion of the rent will be deducted from the purchase price.


You can contact our sales office on: 061 40 61 45


Alternatively Click Here to contact our sales personnel

Rent to Buy Scheme

Why wait for the home of your dreams when you can rent it from us? Then you can buy it when you are ready.

No big deposit required

No big deposit required