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HEBEL panels

Building elements are optimal when they are not just large, and therefore costeffective, but also flexible, and therefore small enough for individual designs.


Modular building with HEBEL panels

Standardised panel sizes and the way they can be flexibly combined, makes individual, architectural design a possibility.


Imagine a building material that effortlessly fulfils all demands of a large, possibly air-conditioned, building. Costeffective in planning and installation, energy-saving in terms of upkeep, guaranteed to have a long life and requiring little maintenance. This is what you can expect from HEBEL building panels.

A pleasant climate indoors during both summer and winter, good sound insulation and excellent fire safety are top benefits. Excellent thermal insulation guarantees low energy consumption for heating or cooling in the long term. Sustainable, environmentally sound building with HEBEL panels will become the rule.


From a functional point of view, aerated concrete surpasses the majority of alternative building materials. Just compare it with the usual standards of concrete or sheet metal constructions.

It is approximately four times more expensive to cool a building than to heat it. Aerated concrete combines a high level of insulation with effective protection against the heat during summer. In addition, you get the highest level of fire safety and good sound insulation.


Countless pores in the material ensure unique properties relevant to building physics. Outstanding thermal insulation, the highest level of fire safety, low weight and good sound insulation. Aerated concrete guarantees a pleasant indoor temperature.


Basic material

Thanks to its characteristic structure comprising millions of tiny pores, it offers optimum solidity at low weight. As air has a low heat conductivity, aerated concrete provides for excellent thermal protection. It protects from cold and heat, allowing for single-shell constructions which provide more space, save time and reduce costs-aspects which are of considerable importance to property developers.


Aerated concrete is made from natural raw materials – sand, lime, cement and water – with an aerating agent.

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