Roche Group - L.S.F.
Light Steel Frame Construction


A Superior End to End Process

The solutions we offer encompass consultation, design, manufacturing and materials supply, and it's all backed up with a robust support infrastructure to help you get a quick return on your investment.


Architect's Rendition

The process begins with an architect's design that can be transferred to the Roche Group Solutions design, detailing & engineering software.


Roche Group Light Steel Frame Construction

The entire frame is then designed & detailed using software. The completed file, then ready for production, is sent electronically to the manufacturing equipment.



The manufacturing equipment then creates each component of the building frame individually, labelling them according to their location in the frame for error free construction.


Individual Components

Every component is produced & detailed with individual characteristics according to it's position in each panel. Cut to length, service and fastening holes pre-punched, swaged, notched and ready for assembly.



The assembly process usually takes place at the factory as each finished component is produced by the manufacturing equipment. They are assembled & screwed together to form the panels & trusses.



The completed panels and trusses are then transported to the construction site.



Once at the consruction site, the panels and trusses are unlocked & positioned for rapid and accurate assembly.


Finished Product

Once the frame is completed, the rest of the structure is build around the world's most advanced end-to-end steel frame building solution.


The new age of steel for healthy living

We are commited to the continuing development of world leading solutions to advance the use of sustainable building techniques.


Environmentally Friendly

Steel construction products offer a number of unique environmental benefits such as product durability and longevity, lower cost and more efficient transportation, less raw material wastage, recycled product content and eco-friendliness.


Cost Effective & Quick to Build

With accurately made steel frame components, construction is quick and doesn't require highly skilled labour. Once assembled, a steel frame constuction won't warp, bend, rot or be affected by termite damage. many users have reduced overall project time by more than 10%, and some projects have been completed up to 30% faster.


User Friendly & Durable

Steel doesn't have to be treated with pesticides, preservatives or glues, so steel frame houses offer indoor air quality benefits. And because of steel's inert character and the manner in which steel framed buildings are insulated, floors and walls are not susceptible to moisture build up, which contributes to the formation of mould.