Roche Group - Motorsport

Excel Rallying was our first commercial venture into motorsport. The company specialises in rally car hire, sales, competitions parts, competition car preparation, diagnostics and maintenance. This business has been in existence since 2006 and, after a slow start, has become a roaring success.  You can see more on this at


In October 2008 the Excel Rally Championship was launched. This will run for the first time during the 2009 rally season in Ireland. This is a new concept in rally championships as it is open to all makes of car with only one overall winner. The unique aspect of this championship is that the winner will be decided by a “shootout”. This means that all winners of the individual classes will drive four different type cars around a specially designed rally stage, one lap in each car. The overall winner will be decided by the best aggregate time over the four laps.


The championship was launched with a number of key sponsors and since the launch of the championship there has been a steady stream of registrations. There is no doubt that the quota will be reached and most likely well ahead of time.

The most recent addition to the motorsport sector is the franchise for Silverstone Competition Tyres. This comes at a good time for Excel Rallying. With entry to the Excel Rally Championship comes a stipulation that Silverstone Tyres must be used on any car entered into the championship, therefore, a ready made market.